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Here are some photos that represent musical efforts I have been involved in over the years. It includes musicians who have inspired me and that I have collaborated with over the years. Its an ongoing gallery. Look for further pictures in the future.

Mike Marxer photo for cover of Thursday Morning CD

Tom May and I backstage. Canada

Key Magazine 1982

Reopening of the Cheshire Inn 2011

Poster for Mark Gordon and Mark M.

Cast picture from The Death and Life of Sneaky Fitch at Theatre Guild of Webster Groves. My character’s name was “The Singer”

My first band in St. Louis, Duster. Steve Nelson, Chris Hutchins, Avery Grimes,and Billy Calloway

My first band at 14, The Sons of Liberty. This was a polaroid.Rough condition

Cast of Sneaky Fitch

L to Rt .Dan Randant, Mark M, Mike Newman. A trio I have the great pleasure of being a part of every now and then

Still my favorite St. Louis band, SERAPIS

On the Mainstage of the St. Louis Art Fair

A page from David Bookbinders hardcover book, "What Folk Music is all About". I was on Columbus Avenue in New York City with a borrowed 12 string. I made 25.00, mostly in quarters.

With Cardinal football great Jackie Smith, late 80s? Biker bar in Defiance,Mo.

At Blumenhof Winery

At Hurricane Katrina Benefit guesting with Serapis.

Blumenhof Winery younger than the above picture,obviously.

A duo circa 1985 with percussionist Gary Muszynski. A great player

Big Dick and the Rat - a - Tats 50s Band 1973 pictured L to Rt: David Beyer, Rick McClaflin, Mike Duncan, Moebeck, Big Dick Richards (RIP),Marty Fisher, and Reid Hanson

Me and my old friend Reid Hanson in Colorado Springs, Colo. in 1976. We had a duo called Pasque and we were damned good.

One of 5 concerts at the Sheldon Theatre in St. Louis. Late 90s

Serapis around 2019?

Mike Newman, Moebeck duo.

At Stovalls’s Grove, 90s. L to R. Me, Eddie Booe, Dan Schmidt, Mike Marxer and Gary Heinlein. RIP,Eddie,Mike and Gary. Good times

Doing one of my favorite things, practicing piano. Before that room turned into a tree.

Caught slightly off guard at Meramec Winery. Taken by my friends Janice and Dennis

A post from my Irish picking and singing buddy, Tom May. We had some marathon gigs early on. Played 12 St. Patty’s Days in Portland Oregon. Great times.

A Covid Zoom meeting with Serapis. Lots of laughs.

Gene Carroll and Tony Chambers, Serapis founders 40 years ago.

George Selkirk, chief of the Chippewa tribe, a figure I knew as a youth. A traveler and educator to people in the ways of his people. I wrote and recorded the song,”Chief” in his honor.

Bob Gleason, a pal and our intrepid drummer. AKA Les Finesse. A real sweetie.